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Welcome.....I am excited to introduce myself to you through my website.

Working as a medium since 1982 in the Southern California area in the public and private sector, I am proud to be assisting in proving the continuity of life through mediumship. I served the NSAC as a certified medium for over 30 years.

Today the medical and scientific communities are conducting studies on after death communication and near death experiences. Mediums are being tested in strict laboratory’s under the most difficult methods of study available today. The grieving process is being studied and many prominent physicians and scientists are showing phenomenal results of continuous existence. The purpose of mediumship at it's core should be to promote healing for those who are grieving while teaching that while we are on the physical side of life, it matters what we do.

I am excited to see some of the lessons and experiences I have had over the years beginning to turn up in books and movies. My personal hero, Dr. Gary Schwartz, a leading research scientist and author in this field referred to me as a “scientific medium” after a conversation we had regarding my use of his work as teaching method for my students.

Mediumship and continuous life are becoming a mainstream belief. And I believe this brings Love, Healing, Hope and Enlightenment to us all.
Thank you for visiting my website. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or if you would like to schedule a Private Reading or Spirit Circle. My calendar page lists my schedule for A Spiritualist Gathering and other events.
~Kathleen Vance
Medium Kathleen Vance - Southern California's most well known, Certified Medium

Medium Kathleen Vance - A Spiritualist Gathering

Kathleen has been demonstrating her mediumship since 1982. In 1992 she started A Spiritualist Gathering in Long Beach where it continues today. In 2010 she expanded to Orange County. Kathleen has given thousands of messages and reading in over 30 years of practice.

Each reading is a personal and intimate time of connection with spirit. You can expect family and friends from the spirit side of life to show up in a loving, energetic way to communicate to you with words of love, acknowledgement and a healing presence. I welcome only love and healing in my readings, though tears do sometimes come, they are always in a healing way.


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Medium Kathleen Vance - spiritual advisor, life coach
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